Angleremote, a Sinbadd Gaming Adventure


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Summary:  We are creating a remote sports fishing presence in some of the world’s best venues to allow fishing enthusiasts to go deep sea fishing from the comfort of their own home over the Internet via a gaming console.  The fishing boat, the gear, and all of the action will be controlled from the shore and those who catch fish will have the option of selling them or shipping them to themselves the same day.

Geographic Locations:  Baja California, followed by the Mediterranean, Pacific Islands, and the Caribbean

Key Competitors: None in the remote market, local sports fishing boats, although research has shown that our concept tends to attract people that are not considering a local sports fishing tour


  • Although a market exists among people who do not have the time to go out on a boat and those who would like to either try or learn to do sports fishing from the comfort of their home, there is no other company working on this technology or concept
  • A great deal of technology and synergy can be leveraged from Sinbadd Gaming’s other projects
  • The concept is designed to start making money from the time that it is launched

Competitive Environment:  As there are no competitors in the same business,  our real challenge in this area is to create awareness and interest from people who use the Internet as an entertainment medium.  Building a compelling free demo as part of our implementation strategy therefore makes sense as it will allow those who wish to participate to build their skills before ’embarking’ for real.  Creating a reward system that recognizes category leaders is also part of the plan to encourage regular anglers to return again and again.

Communicating our plans and demonstrating to local sports fishing charter people that our system does not compete head-to-head with their services is part of the marketing plan.  If anything, use of our game may contribute to more business for charters because the people using it to become skilled at deep sea fishing may begin to feel comfortable enough to make a trip in person.

Risk:  The primary risk that we face relates to the efficiency of our technology.  Although we will be within virtual hailing distance of all of our craft, the experience that the user has within their home or workplace must be seamless and without interruption or we may experience negative fallout in the marketplace.  We are therefore over-engineering prototypes so that we can avoid any potential problems.




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