Food and Beverage

Fleurs de Gas: Naturally Enhanced Wines, More Resveratrol

We are currently seeking help to setup production and distribution by purchasing tanks and other winery equipment that will allow us to start providing our Naturally Enhanced Wines in the United States. Production will be located in California and Baja California.

  • 13% Buyback
  • 8% Royalty
  • 40% Real Estate

Maya Botticelli Med-Mex Micro-winery Showcase

Our plan is to build manufacturing capacity while showcasing our wares and identity in a Micro-winery restaurant to open initially in Tijuana. One of the healthiest diets in the world, Med-Mex cuisine has quietly moved through the past 5 centuries without much fanfare. Yet you cannot eat a tabouleh salad or a caesar salad or sip gazpacho without knowing that the blend of two culinary superpowers have combined to enhance the lives of those eating it.

  • 15% Buyback
  • 8% Royalty
  • CA Real Estate