Initial License Offering (ILO)

Swim with the Sharks! A Sinbad Gaming Adventure

Imagine if you can, being able to swim with some of the most dangerous animals on the planet, while you have complete control over your own environment and are controlling your presence from the comfort of your living room or office. Imaginot. Our Swim with Sharks production includes ROV mini-subs and allows for you to control them from your favorite gaming console or the internet.

  • 16% Buyback
  • 10% Royalty
  • 30% Real Estate

Royalty 101: Television Pilot

We are planning to film a television pilot that focuses on the dramatized lives of beach community people from Ventura County down to Ensenada, Mexico. The series will involve storylines that deal with the unspoken truths that are present in modern society in a way that evokes both laughter and discovery for the audience.

  • 8% Buyback
  • 8% Royalty
  • N/A Real Estate

Drink it Down: Literally Beating Global Warming

We plan to build a demo site for three promising technologies that turn seawater into drinkable water, demonstrating them to potential clients as part of a consortium that intends to leverage their know-how to increase the number of installations of desalination plants worldwide. The goal is to build so many desalination plants that the rise in the oceans due to global warming will be offset by human efforts to ‘drink down’ the sea levels.

  • 10% Buyback
  • 3% Royalty
  • 45% Real Estate
  • 9 Days to Go

Angleremote, a Sinbad Gaming Adventure

We are creating a remote sports fishing presence in some of the world’s best venues to allow fishing enthusiasts to go deep sea fishing from the comfort of their own home over the Internet via a gaming console. The fishing boat, the gear, and all of the action will be controlled from the shore and those who catch fish will have the option of selling them or shipping them to themselves the same day.

  • 10% Buyback
  • 9% Royalty
  • 30% Real Estate

Fleurs de Gas: Naturally Enhanced Wines, More Resveratrol

We are currently seeking help to setup production and distribution by purchasing tanks and other winery equipment that will allow us to start providing our Naturally Enhanced Wines in the United States. Production will be located in California and Baja California.

  • 13% Buyback
  • 8% Royalty
  • 40% Real Estate

Provenanced 3.0- Fine Art Authentication

We are developing a piece of hardware that will authenticate fine art through advanced imaging. The machines will be sold to museums and institutions and galleries so that they may become authentication centers for their communities.

  • 15% Buyback
  • 9% Royalty
  • 5% Real Estate

Maya Botticelli Med-Mex Micro-winery Showcase

Our plan is to build manufacturing capacity while showcasing our wares and identity in a Micro-winery restaurant to open initially in Tijuana. One of the healthiest diets in the world, Med-Mex cuisine has quietly moved through the past 5 centuries without much fanfare. Yet you cannot eat a tabouleh salad or a caesar salad or sip gazpacho without knowing that the blend of two culinary superpowers have combined to enhance the lives of those eating it.

  • 15% Buyback
  • 8% Royalty
  • 20% Real Estate