Drink it Down Consortium: Literally Beating Global Warming

By DID Consortium

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Summary:   We plan to build a demo site for three promising technologies that turn seawater into drinkable water, demonstrating them to potential clients as part of a consortium that intends to leverage their know-how to increase the number of installations of desalination plants worldwide.  The goal is to build so many desalination plants that the rise in the oceans due to global warming will be offset by human efforts to ‘drink down’ the sea levels.


Geographic Markets:  Worldwide
Key Competitors: Poseidon Water,  General Electric


  •  Acceleration of global warming portends numerous opportunities globally
  •  Company has long-standing relationships with other potential consortium members
  •  Green solutions that are cost-effective are proven to be government contract and regulatory body winners

Competitive Environment:  There has been a lot of recent development in the desalination market.  The market in places like California is ready to accept slightly higher costs for water if it means that the resources that it already possesses will not be depleted.  At the same time, the players on the global supply side are still proving to communities that they can create plants that are worthwhile.  Among the potential success stories, General Electric’s recent project in Algeria is working on consistently outputting close to 53 million gallons of water a day while Poseidon Water is partnering with experienced Israelis to test a plant in San Diego.

Our objective is to create a cost-effective showcase and development center that will fuel contracts in developing markets where the impact to the local community can be much greater.  The team that we can field is strong enough to create a lot of momentum globally in areas that will allow our group to scale faster than any of our competitors.

Technology:  The three technologies that we have chosen to showcase are designed to appeal to all economic levels of the market.  At least one of those technologies has been developed in house and will be part of the intellectual property that is represented within the ILO.

Keys to Success:   Although the cost structure that we have established for our development center is lower than that of our competitors, we will initially need to leverage the joint experience of the consortium in order to win construction contracts.  We will also need to rely upon our ability to seed the market and create opportunity in a sales cycle that can often take years.  Planning , communication, and maintaining technological leadership are the other areas that we will focus on in order to remain ahead of the competition.

Risk:   There are multiple risks when it comes to fulfilling very large capital projects like desalination plant construction.  By working to optimize models of the top technologies at our development center, we will take any guesswork out of not only construction, but plant operation, enhancing our reputation- and our ability to provide services to those entities that operate desalination plants.


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