Royalty 101: Television Pilot

By Pan Am One TV

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Summary:  We are planning to film a television pilot that focuses on the dramatized lives of beach community people from Ventura County down to Ensenada, Mexico.  The series will involve storylines that deal with the unspoken truths that are present in modern society in a way that evokes both laughter and discovery for the audience.

Example from the series:  San Ysidro High School straddles the Mexican border in an international trade zone.  A few years ago, testers of directed sonic technology determined that they would use high school students in the annual spelling bee in order to prove that their technology could be used to communicate directly with people in public.  The students that they choose to communicate with are hit with very specific sound amplification that is so soft, they aren’t always aware that they are not the people that are creating a thought.  During the spelling bee, this leads to several students excelling and going on to win the regional tournament, despite the fact that they learned English as a second language.

Backstory:  Although San Diego’s Poway School District is home to some of the best schools in the nation, they had never had the type of spelling bee success as they did in the past decade when they had two national spelling bee winners.  Curiously enough, the city was also the host during this time period of widescale testing of sonic technology designed in part to allow people up to a mile away use directed sound to push messages to people so inobtrusively, that the recipient, when distracted, would not recognize that they are being talked to.  The company that developed the technology was based in Poway and they have gone on to equip the military, the CIA, the Border Patrol and local police in some cases with amplified sound technology that allows people to do what is portrayed in the series.    So while the story of spelling bee testing may or may not be true, it certainly is possible and could have potentially served as a test that allowed that firm to gain more contracts.

Targeted Geographic Markets:  USA, Latin America


  • Talented team of writers assembled and working towards completion
  • Production costs will be much lower due to co-op style of organization
  • Market research indicates broad support for the genre

Competitive Environment:  The market for movies that integrate US and Latin markets is fairly strong.  The US Latin population is one of the largest consumers of first-run movies in the country and the non-Latin population of the US has made several movies and television shows that contain a blend of characters hits.  Modern Family is one example of a show that has an ensemble cast that has captivated audiences.  Other shows that are in the same genre compete, but they do not tend to extend their geographic reach to encompass Orange County, San Diego, and Baja California.

When it comes to dialogue, most shows that would compete for the same audiences have focused on creating interplay that is either derived from reality TV or rapid-fire banter that was made popular on comedy series.  The challenge for the writers of Royalty 101, therefore, is to provide a more natural experience that still entertains.

Key Success Factors:  In order to be successful, the show’s org chart will need to break a few industry norms.  Instead of raising money and going with a standard crew, the intent is to develop a co-op that puts a great deal of the financial incentive on the back-end success of the series.  So creating talented stakeholders is the first challenge that needs to be taken on.  After that, successfully marketing the series to potential sponsors is something that will be key.  Any time that you have some fun with convention, there is a chance that a sponsor will not appreciate it without understanding that your show is merely reinforcing their own ideals with regard to questionable behavior.  A good example is the series focus on good MIC (pronounced Mike) versus bad MIC.  MIC is short for military industrial complex and factors into parts of the show.  Good MIC people follow the rules that you think they do, while bad MIC people will be so obviously caricaturized that there should be no confusion among MIC management that any actions portrayed would not be acceptable business practices for their company.

Risk:  As with any television pilot, there are bound to be those that are enamoured with anything but the concept that you are presenting.  The quality and the entertainment value are what our firm can guarantee.  We cannot predict what a network or channel will do with the series in their schedule should it be accepted.  Ultimately, that means that even if everything is perfectly acceptable, there is a risk that the time slot that the series ends up in will not favor its success.




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